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April 12, 2023

How to write jewellery descriptions

When writing jewellery descriptions you may ask yourself ‘how many customers actually read the jewellery descriptions?’

Well, the number of customers who actually read jewellery descriptions can vary depending on the website, the product, and the customer’s preferences. However, it’s generally recommended to provide detailed and informative product descriptions for jewellery as it can significantly impact a customer’s purchase decision.

According to a survey conducted by Kissmetrics, around 20% of online shoppers do not purchase a product because of a lack of product information or unclear product descriptions. Additionally, another study by Baymard Institute found that around 60% of customers read product descriptions before making a purchase.

Therefore, it’s essential to provide detailed and informative jewellery descriptions to give customers a clear understanding of the product’s features, materials, and unique qualities. By providing high-quality descriptions, you can improve customer trust and engagement and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Do I have to write unique descriptions for each of my products? or can I just copy paste?

It’s not recommended to copy and paste jewellery descriptions from one product to another. Duplicate content can harm your website’s SEO, as search engines may view it as spam and penalize your website’s ranking.

Writing unique descriptions for each product can also help to differentiate them and highlight their unique features and qualities, which can help to attract more customers and increase sales.

While it may be tempting to copy and paste descriptions to save time, it’s important to invest the effort in creating unique, high-quality product descriptions. This will help to improve your website’s SEO, build trust with customers, and ultimately increase your revenue.

How do I write SEO jewellery descriptions?

When writing jewellery descriptions for SEO, it’s important to keep in mind that search engines like Google use keywords and phrases to understand the content on a website. Here are some tips on how to write SEO-rich jewellery descriptions:

  1. Research relevant keywords: Use keyword research tools to find relevant keywords and phrases that people are searching for in relation to jewellery. Use these keywords in your descriptions, but be sure to use them naturally and avoid stuffing them in.
  2. Focus on long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific and targeted phrases that people use to search for products. Using long-tail keywords in your jewellery descriptions can help your products show up in more targeted search results. For example, instead of using the broad keyword “gold necklace,” use a more specific long-tail keyword like “14k gold diamond pendant necklace.”
  3. Use descriptive language: Use descriptive language to describe the jewellery in detail, including the type of metal, gemstones, and other features. This can help search engines understand what your product is about and match it with relevant search queries.
  4. Include product specifications: Including product specifications such as size, weight, and dimensions can help improve the search relevance of your jewellery descriptions.
  5. Use structured data: Implementing structured data, such as schema markup, can help search engines understand the content of your website better and improve your visibility in search results.
  6. Optimize images: Optimize your product images by including relevant keywords in the image filename, alt text, and title tags. This can improve the search relevance of your images and help your products show up in image search results.
  7. Keep it concise: While it’s important to include relevant keywords and descriptive language, it’s also important to keep your jewellery descriptions concise and easy to read. Avoid using overly technical terms and focus on creating user-friendly content that people will enjoy reading.
writing jewellery descriptions

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